Slippurinn-bank opened its door to public in January 2006.

Location: Guerrilla store, Mýrargata 2-8 (rear-end)
Opening Hours: Tue - Sat 12:00 - 18:00

is a time capsule where memories, stories and ideas on Slippurinn can be collected today – and extracted in the future.
For over a century, Slippurinn (the dock and the slipways), has served as a busy industrial area in the heart of Reykjavik. Like many industrial areas in today cities, Slippurinn now finds itself an on a frontier between the old an new: The whole area is to be redeveloped over the course of the next decade. The planning authorities in the city are confident that this area can be transformed into one of the most desirable neighbourhoods - accommodating residential and commercial buildings. There are surely many possibilities and potentials - to reconnect the centre and the harbour.
But how will the area be rebuilt and who is leading the process?
What are the alternatives?

For us, Slippurinn is not only houses and ships that will be dismissed from the area. Slippurinn is also history, memories, colours and shapes. To celebrate the area and its different qualities, Urbanistan encourages people to come and experience it. The unique atmosphere is to be sensed – and re-vitalized in the future.